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Drawing on our experience and in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg real estate market, we carefully select development projects, which may be residential, office or retail.

Through our expertise and true dynamic management, we target short/medium term capital growth by repositioning our assets in their market to enhance their value through transformation and revitalisation works to improve efficiency and increase value creation potential. Our assets are generally vacant or technically obsolete and require significant works to achieve an attractive overall return from the optimisation works carried out.

MIMCO AM’s investments in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will be grouped in the capital city of Luxembourg-City or in its first suburbs and will aim at

• The conversion of obsolete city centre commercial buildings to residential use;

• The revitalisation of residential buildings with the aim of improving their energy efficiency;

• The development of new high quality real estate projects that meet the latest energy standards.

A strategy focused on “Value-Added” investments in France

In France, MIMCO Asset Management wishes to invest through dedicated funds or Club Deals in mixed-use city centre projects that will be able to respond to the acceleration of new trends and changes in people’s lifestyles, especially those in large urban areas. Telecommuting and the development of e-commerce with home delivery are consequences that are pushing people to invest more in the comfort of their homes in order to meet the various current societal challenges (low carbon footprint, SRI certification, etc.), meet the needs of communities and limit land artificialisation and CO2 emissions.

MIMCO AM’s investments in France will therefore be concentrated in major cities with the aim of

• Converting obsolete city centre commercial buildings into residential or similar uses (co-living, student residences, senior service residences);

• The development or redevelopment of real estate projects that improve the comfort of residents with the provision of local services (shops, parcel lockers/last mile logistics);

• The development of SRI-certified commercial real estate projects (offices/logistics) in markets with strong rental demand.

MIMCO Asset Management will thus draw on the experience of its teams in order to implement a policy in favour of sustainable, connected and humane real estate, in line with developments and new uses in the sector.

Investment policy

MIMCO Club-Deal aims to invest in high value-added real estate development or redevelopment properties in line with the investment strategy.

The main objective of MIMCO Club-Deal is to achieve capital growth in the short to medium term by capitalizing on investment opportunities in the European real estate sector.

MIMCO Club-Deal envisages a strategy of investing in real estate assets that are intended to become primarily residential, office and logistics development projects or properties with restructuring opportunities.

The Club-Deal will offer investors exposure to diversified, high quality real estate assets, covering in particular the Luxembourg market with so-called "Value Added" assets offering a potential for value creation and which will be acquired on the market either through auctions, inheritance sharing or as a result of arbitration by the owners.

The sale of the assets in the portfolio will be considered in order to generate a one-off capital gain.

Target operations

Land assets for development of real estate projects

Buildings to be refurbished / change of use

Auctions, inheritance divisions, arbitrations

Purchases of potential forward funding sales

Target asset category





Address: 87 Boulevard Haussmann – 75008 Paris

With a capital of 400.000€
RCS Paris: 898 003 124
AMF approval n° GP-21000018

Legal structure
S.A. or S.à r.l.
Depositary bank
Based in France
Lock-up period
36 month
Eligible investors
Fund exclusively reserved for professional and assimilated investors in France, meeting the conditions of article 423-27-1 of the AMF's General Regulations, i.e. those likely to invest at least EUR 100,000. *
Minimum subscription class A
250.000 EUR
Subscription fees
If the Total Subscribed Amount is: between EUR 250,000 and EUR 1,000,000: 4% between EUR 1,000,000 and EUR 2,000,000: 2% over EUR 2,000,000: N/A
Management fees
1% of the annual Value of Business in Force

Tax framework

The tax implications depend on the individual situation of each client. It may be subject to change in the future. Investors are therefore advised to consult their own legal, tax and financial advisors regarding the regulatory, tax, domiciliary and accounting considerations applicable to them.


Capital gains for individuals:

  • Dividends received from the Fund: flat tax applying to capital gains (30%);
  • Capital gains on the sale of Fund shares: flat tax applying to capital gains (30%).

Capital gains legal entities:

  • Corporate tax rate at 26.5% (2021) and 25% (2022) subject to holding < 5% and / or less than 2 years;
  • Parent-subsidiary regime (5% of dividends subject to corporate income tax provided that the holding is > or = 5% and over 2 years.

Tax on real estate wealth:

In view of the Fund’s business operations, investors holding (directly or indirectly with other members of their tax household for tax on real estate wealth purposes) less than 10% of the Fund and the SPVs will not be subject to tax on real estate wealth on the value of the Fund shares.


Investment Eligible for Article 150-0 B TER.

Investment risks

Investors considering the purchase of shares in the MIMCO Club-Deal should take into account, among other things, the following specific, non-exhaustive risk factors. Such risks may, individually or together, adversely affect the fund's income and profitability estimates and lead to a decrease in the value of the shares.
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