Our services

MIMCO Asset Management supports and implements investment projects for the revaluation and development of quality properties. We achieve our objectives through a wide range of services, from bringing investors together to managing the assets on the ground.

Our team manages a wide range of structures. Our market knowledge, combined with flexibility and adaptability, enables us to offer investment solutions tailored to client and market situations. solutions de placement adaptées aux situations des clients et du marché.

Closed-end funds

Closed-end fund structures allow our investors to pool their capital with limited dilution of their profit-sharing in the redistributed capital gain. This type of fund is ideally suited to professional investors who are accustomed to investing and optimising their returns.

Dedicated funds

MIMCO Asset Management offers investment opportunities on a dedicated and managed account basis which can meet specific investment criteria set by the client. We work closely with our clients and always seek to build long-term relationships with them.

Joint Venture / Club Deal

Co-investments enable us to work with leading investors and partners. The founders of MIMCO Asset Management have a long history of bringing together investment partners with common interests to invest in portfolios or single assets.

Fund raising

With our expertise in the real estate market, we offer a range of diversified and complementary investment solutions in Europe for investment professionals.

We help them establish tailored strategies, whilst providing the opportunity to invest in high value-added real estate opportunities.

With MIMCO Asset Management, you have access to:

A wide range of innovative and complementary investment solutions, designed to meet clients' expectations in terms of diversification and long-term asset appreciation.

Specialized knowledge enabling us to deploy a strategic and controlled approach to fund raising.

A comprehensive network enabling us to access a wide selection of real estate opportunities.

Fund management

MIMCO Asset Management integrates all the expertise and advice necessary to design and manage investment vehicles in line with the strategy defined with clients and investor partners.

Our organization, comprising specialized teams, allows us to be highly adaptable and responsive to ensure performance and to meet the specific requirements of each investment project.

With MIMCO Asset Management, you can rely on:

Global real estate expertise to understand the issues inherent in the real estate strategies being pursued and the properties.

Expert advice on the creation and structuring of vehicles to identify the best options for the strategy.

Experienced teams working on legal, compliance and financial matters.

Control and monitoring of performance and risk indicators.

Asset management

With our local presence, MIMCO Asset Management's teams ensure the proper operational management of the assets we manage.

Drawing on our expertise, know-how and knowledge of the local real estate market, we implement proactive management to optimise and enhance the value of the assets under management by constantly seeking value creation opportunities throughout the life cycle of the assets.

Through our approach, we endeavour to:

Implement validated strategies, then add value and monitor value creation.

Supervise day-to-day management and steer strategic management throughout the life cycle of the building.

Maintain a close relationship with our tenants in a spirit of partnership.

And thereby optimise the sale price of the asset at the end of its ownership.

Project & Development

MIMCO Asset Management handles the development and management of projects for the development and refurbishment of assets. With the help of dedicated internal and external teams, we handle the design, construction monitoring and marketing of new and refurbished projects.

As each project is unique and responds to specific user and market constraints, we maintain a permanent dialogue with all local players to carry out sustainable projects that are adapted to local issues.

Through our approach, we aim to:

Design buildings in line with their environment and users' expectations.

Constantly seek architectural excellence with a view to sustainability.

Maintain a partnership approach with stakeholders, in particular elected officials and local authorities.

Pursue a socially responsible policy for sustainable and more responsible real estate.