About us

MIMCO Asset Management, a subsidiary of MIMCO Capital, is a portfolio management company approved by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) under registration number GP-21000018 and specialized in real estate private equity and private equity.

Through a structured management process, we develop and revitalize urban projects whilst ensuring their full potential and intervening throughout the real estate chain (sourcing, legal structuring, asset and property management, etc.). Real estate strategies are determined by adapting to new market expectations and changes whilst opting for the optimal holding structure for the investor.

“MIMCO Asset Management draws on the expertise of all the group's teams and partners to help develop, restructure and revitalize increasingly complex real estate projects.”

Our real estate strategies

MIMCO Asset Management adapts real estate to the times, notably using technology and in compliance with the latest energy standards, to ensure it stands the test of time.

MIMCO Asset Management thus structures, develops and oversees the development of real estate investment vehicles. Through them, investors have access to leading management and strategies that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

Our investment solutions, with a high level of transparency, aim to achieve relatively high and stable income streams through a good diversification of risk sources.

“In a world of change, with evolving habits and lifestyles, we create value by ensuring that assets remain in line with market and user expectations.”

Spotlight on the German market
Income property through real estate revitalization in Germany

As experts in the German real estate market for many years, we carefully select our assets and projects, mainly retail and office buildings in need of revitalization, whose strategic location and scarcity benefit the lettings market.

These assets generate rental income below the market rental value. Our teams' knowledge of the local economic fabric enables us to increase rental income by revitalizing/refurbishing our assets and bringing in new tenants. This helps to create significant value.

Through real estate revitalization, we aim to constitute a real estate portfolio offering an increase in value over a short/medium-term holding period.

MIMCO AM's investments in Germany therefore target:

• The acquisition of assets generating immediate minimum income with the ability to increase rents in the short-term;

• The careful selection of assets with strong revitalization potential, with the aim of bringing real estate in line with market expectations;

• The development or redevelopment of real estate projects that improve the comfort of residents with the provision of local services (shops, parcel lockers/last mile logistics).

Target operations:
Income property
Priority assets:
Retail or
office buildings

Spotlight on the Luxembourg market
Residential development and building refurbishment in Luxembourg

Based on our experience and in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg real estate market, we carefully select development projects, which may be residential, office or retail.

Through our expertise and pro-active management, we target short/medium-term capital growth by repositioning our assets in their market to enhance their value through transformation and revitalization works to improve the efficiency of the building and increase its value creation potential.

Our assets generally have vacancy or technical obsolescence requiring significant works to obtain an attractive overall return following the optimisation works that are carried out.

MIMCO AM's investments in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will be concentrated in the capital city of Luxembourg-Ville, or in its inner suburbs, and will target:

• The conversion of obsolete city centre retail buildings to residential use;

• The revitalization of residential buildings with the aim of improving their energy efficiency;

• The development of new high quality real estate projects that meet the latest energy standards.

Target operations:
Real estate development /
Refurbishment of buildings
Priority assets:
Residential, office,
or retail buildings

Spotlight on the French market
A strategy focused on “Value-Added” investments
in France

In France, MIMCO Asset Management intends to invest through dedicated funds or Club Deals in mixed-use city center projects that will be able to respond to the acceleration of new trends and changes in people's lifestyles, especially those in large urban areas. Remote working and the development of online retail with home delivery are consequences that are pushing people to invest more in the comfort of their homes to meet the various current societal challenges (low carbon footprint, SRI certification, etc.), to meet the needs of communities and to limit the artificialization of land and CO2 emissions.

MIMCO AM's investments in France will therefore be concentrated in large cities and will target:

• The conversion of obsolete city center retail buildings to residential or similar uses (co-living, student residences, senior serviced apartments);

• The development or redevelopment of real estate projects that improve the comfort of residents with the provision of local services (shops, parcel lockers/last mile logistics);

• The development of SRI-certified commercial real estate projects (offices/logistics) in markets with strong rental demand.

MIMCO Asset Management will therefore draw on the experience of its teams to implement a policy in favour of sustainable, connected and people-friendly real estate, in line with developments and new uses in the sector.

Target operations:
Real estate development /
Refurbishment of buildings
Priority assets:
Residential property,
office or retail property,
logistics buildings