Our team

Our team has developed a comprehensive vision that enables it to leverage all the value creation drivers in the European real estate investment markets.

Supervisory board

Bernd von Manteuffel
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Christophe Nadal
Member of the Supervisory Board
Salvatore Orlando
Member of the Supervisory Board
Caroline Bohrer
Member of the Supervisory Board


Christophe Nadal
Ara Adjennian – MRICS
Managing Partner
Paul-Éric Perchaud
Real Estate Director, Private Debt
Olivier Pioch – MRICS
Head of Investments
Christophe Bever
Finance Director
Alexandra Nadal
Head of Legal
Marion Weber
Middle-Office Manager
Nadia Baïleche
Senior Asset Manager
Antoine Heslot
Fund Manager
Carole Adeline
Head of Communication
Hari Tsitsigos
Talent Acquisition & Human Resources Director
Christophe Coutteau
Business Development Director
Renaud Fayard
Investor Relations Manager
Jean-Philippe Guénier
Investor Relations Manager